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    For over 40 years PWD Brands have been satisfying tens of millions of people around the world with unmatched performance. Combined with the exclusive Power Pak Pellet (PPP) you will always experience that unique one of a kind power, purity and potency you demand. Never settle for less than you deserve. Always insist on and purchase only Genuine PWD Brands.
  • PWD RUSH® Original

    With its debut in California over forty years ago, PWD RUSH® remains the world’s best selling Brand! Tens of millions of people around the world have had a one-of-a-kind experience with genuine, original-formula PWD RUSH® thanks to it’s unmatched purity, power and potency.

  • PWD SUPER RUSH® Original

    PWD SUPER RUSH® is the new 'Super' formula from PWD Brands. Ultra pure and ultra powerful this is sure to become a top favorite with all PWD lovers!

  • PWD GOLD RUSH® Original

    PWD GOLD RUSH® was designed with one thing in mind - to become the 'Gold' standard that all other competitors want to live up to. Grab a bottle tonight to experience the Gold Rush express!

  • PWD SUPER RUSH® Black Label

    The latest and greatest in a long line of powerful PWD Brands PWD SUPER RUSH® Black Label lives up to the 40+ year pedigree of premium PWD Brands and does not disappoint!

  • PWD IRON HORSE® Premium

    PWD IRON HORSE® Premium is another iconic blend from PWD. For decades this powerful blend has been the go to choice for users worldwide. Try Premium PWD IRON HORSE® tonight for a truly unforgettable experience!

  • PWD HARDWARE® Original

    The only brand ever proclaimed "Purest, Best" by the Gay Press. San Francisco's notorious Drummer Magazine called Hardware® a “powerful product.” Bunkhouse Magazine proclaimed “there is nothing better,” and San Diego Update, Florida Alive! and This Week In Texas all said “Hardware® is the world's most powerful blend.”

  • PWD LOCKER ROOM® Original

    A relaunched version of the original Locker Room® formula in a new package, a slightly larger bottle, meaning you get more for your money! Through the use of special distillation processes and filtration technology not available in 1969, and the addition of the exclusive POWER-PAK PELLET™, the original formula is now more pure than ever, and lasts longer!


    So potent that San Francisco artist, REX, created posters featuring Heavy Duty Bolt®, which became collectors' items around the world in the 1970's and 80's. First introduced in Hollywood, California, Heavy Duty Bolt® quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, selling millions of bottles globally.


    A faster, more enhance formula, QUICKSILVER® was developed by cutting-edge chemists using innovative lab methods in 1979. Its huge following of loyal fans are empowered connoisseurs who trust QUICKSILVER® to always deliver the purity and power of one of the world’s most powerful formulas ever.

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